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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Covey \Cov"ey\, v. i. To brood; to incubate. [Obs.]

[Tortoises] covey a whole year before they hatch.


Covey \Cov"ey\, n. A pantry. [Prov. Eng.]


Covey \Cov"ey\ (k?v"?), n. [OF. cov?e, F. couv?e, fr. cover, F. couver, to sit or brood on, fr. L. cubare to lie down; cf. E. incubate. See Cubit, and cf. Cove to brood.]

  1. A brood or hatch of birds; an old bird with her brood of young; hence, a small flock or number of birds together; -- said of game; as, a covey of partridges.

  2. A company; a bevy; as, a covey of girls.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-14c., "brood of partridges," from Middle French covée "brood" (Modern French couvée), from Gallo-Roman *cubata, literally "hatchling," from past participle stem of Latin cubare "to sit, incubate, hatch" (see incubation).


Etymology 1 n. 1 A group of 8-12 (or more) quail. See gaggle, host, flock. 2 A brood of partridges, grouse, etc. 3 A party or group (of persons or things). vb. To brood; to incubate. Etymology 2

n. (context British slang dated English) A man.

  1. n. a small collection of people

  2. a small flock of grouse or partridge

Covey (disambiguation)

Covey usually refers to group of certain birds such as partridges or quails.

Covey may also refer to:

  • Covey (surname)
Covey (surname)

Covey is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Arthur Covey (1877-1960), American muralist
  • Craig Covey (b. 1957), American politician
  • Dan Covey, American lighting designer
  • Deb Covey (b. 1961), Canadian field hockey midfielder
  • Dylan Covey (b. 1991), American baseball pitcher
  • Edward Covey (1805-1875), American slaveholder known to Frederick Douglass
  • Fred Covey (1881-1957), world champion in real tennis
  • Gerald Covey (b. 1927), Canadian sprint canoer
  • Hyatt E. Covey (1975-1968), American politician
  • James Covey (b. circa 1819), African interpreter
  • Joy Covey (1963–2013), American business executive
  • Preston Covey (c. 1941-2006), American philosophy professor
  • Rachel Covey (b. 1998), American child actress
  • Richard O. Covey (b. 1946), former astronaut
  • Rosemary Feit Covey, American printmaker
  • Sean Covey (b. 1964), motivational speaker and author, son of the following
  • Stephen Covey (1932-2012), author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Stephen M. R. Covey, American author and speaker and son of the previous
  • Suzy Covey (1939-2007), librarian and scholar of comics

Usage examples of "covey".

Scott Covey tried to make everyone understand just how it had happened.

Elaine Atkins, Vivian and Scott Covey had been looking for a larger home for the family they planned to start.

Henry picked up Phoebe a half hour later, Covey was still in the reception area of the salon, waiting for his wife.

Scott Covey was being judged harshly was because some people said he should have known about the squall.

Scott Covey, and tonight they were with all these people who were strangers to her.

July, the one whom Scott Covey had explained was an actress appearing at the Cape Playhouse.

Henry Sprague had not told him about Scott Covey, and he hoped that the element of surprise might encourage Sprague to answer the question he planned to ask him.

Monday morning, Adam called the Wayside Inn, established that a waitress named Tina was scheduled to work there that day, then called Scott Covey and made an appointment to meet him at the inn.

Nichols, my dad and Elaine had some people over for a barbecue last night, and Scott Covey was there.

Nat as though Covey had brought about the same amount of worldly goods to his union with Vivian.

Beth, who shampooed her hair, to talk about the late Vivian Carpenter Covey, but all she learned was that Beth nearly fainted when she read that Vivian was worth so much money.

Phoebe were sitting on the deck, he had been uncomfortably aware of Covey sitting on his deck, his posture reflecting dejection and despair.

Scott Covey started to talk about leaving, she saw her chance to get away.

Men, I have to tell you, Scott Covey is coming through more and more as an opportunist.

Scott Covey chose to wear a navy summer-weight suit, long-sleeved white shirt and subdued navy-and-gray tie to the inquest.