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n. (plural of courser English)

Usage examples of "coursers".

And now beneath the rising sun, Whose shining chariot overpeers The irradiate ridge, while fetlock deep In the rich soil his coursers plunge - How grand in robes of light it looks!

These nags were light-boned coursers, underbred and thin-necked beneath shaggy winter coats, but they would fetch her money from the bandits.

The coursers appeared in the void between worlds, variable in size, but all of them coated with a white hull glow.

Attempts at contact were made, but the coursers refused to respond, so caution became the rule.

Hours elapsed in seconds as a trio of coursers swept into the system at nearly one-tenth the speed of light.

As the pack of coursers swept toward the cities, the synchrotrons fired a battery of lasers.

Lot knows enough about the coursers that he might be able to make it work, even on them.

He remembered the fake Chenzeme encounter Deneb had found in the library, showing a communications officer turning away a trio of deadly coursers by playing a recognition code.

My dogs are superb coursers, and we caught up with it as soon as it fell.

Ornate tapestries covered the walls: sombre hunting scenes full of screaming coursers, the raw colors of wind-whipped banners, ancient weapons and trampled earth stained with the rich blood of the wounded.

Crossing the open exercise areas he came to the stables, filled with the ceaseless sounds and thick smells of horses of all sorts: brave coursers and glum-faced palfreys, massive destriers, well-formed jumpers and the enormous draft annuals that pulled the war drays of the entourage from Matloo.