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Couper is a surname. It may refer to:

  • Archibald Scott Couper, scientist
  • Heather Couper, British astronomer
  • James Couper (disambiguation)
  • Scott Couper, American football player
  • William Couper (bishop), 17th-century Scottish bishop and theologian
  • William Couper (sculptor), 20th-century American sculptor
  • William Couper (naturalist), 19th-century Canadian naturalist

Usage examples of "couper".

Because of Mama's stories, Caerlaverock had cast an almost mystical enchantment over her childhood, but now that Anne had been there, her own memories of the ancientcastle had her thinking of Rebecca 983 Maxwell Couper in a whole new light--as a highly romantic woman in whose very blood flowed the essence of a centuries-old clan still revered in the Scottish Borderland, in all of Scotland.

Will you do me the honor of allowing me to escort you back to your own birthday party, Miss Anne Couper?

I must here mention my personal attachment for descendant Julie Couper Beziat, who, like Frances Daugherty, still has never met either Jo or Ann --but will one day--and especially Jo's husband, Robert Cauthorn, himself knowledgeable and admirably patient with my many requests to call Jo in from her mysterious work on the compost pile in their yard.

John Couper truly cared about his son-in-law, and somehow, as wild as the new notion sounded to him, it didn't seem quite as absurd as the boy's stubborn, unending efforts to regain his military commission.

Probably, he thought, seating his wife, he didn't feel free to ask either Fraser for fear of learning the truth: that the other normally social-minded officers might at this moment be transporting still more Couper people who had decided in the past hour to run away.