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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Country bank

Country bank \Coun"try bank\ (Banking) A national bank not in a reserve city. [Colloq., U. S.]

Usage examples of "country bank".

Not after encountering her as a warden's sisterin-law, the assistant treasurer of a country bank, and a supervisor of paroles.

Well, some were simple enough, but you couldn't exactly call them safe - as he found out when he and a friend known as Fingers McCall were walking out of a country bank early one morning, very early - about 3 a.

For my infinite good luck your fortune is intact,' said Blaine with a laugh, since at the very beginning of this prodigious voyage an exasperated Stephen had sent him a letter with a power of attorney, begging him to transfer his wealth from the huge, slow, impersonal, negligent but solvent London house that looked after it to a small country bank that ceased payment a few months later, the depositors getting fourpence in the pound - a letter that in his agitation he had failed to sign with anything but his Christian name.

He felt again, patted his bosom, and brought out a couple of greasy two pound notes on a country bank.