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The last steps were a desperate, calculated rush for toilet, scarcely in time to lose everything in his stomach humiliating himself, but there was nothing he coul do-it was three painful spasms before he could get breath and flush the toilet.

As she walked, she coul d what had happened to thought how the place could have been an keep it froni being great.

The arche of which doore compassing like a halfe cyrcle, was wrought curiouslye and imbowed, and as it were bounde about with laces like beads of brasse, some round, and some like Eglantine berries of a reddish couler, hanging downe after an auncient manner, and foulded and turned in among the tender stalkes.

The playne grounde that was hollowe and smoothe in euery cutting out of a limme or body, vpon the table of the stylipode, was like vnto red coroll and shyning, which made such a reflection vpon the naked bodyes, and theyr members betwixt them, and compassing them about, that they seemed lyke a Carnation Rose couler.