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n. (plural of cough English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cough)

Usage examples of "coughs".

Mr Ibbs cooks bloaters, while his sister screams, while Gentleman coughs in his bed, while Mrs Sucksby turns in hers, and snores, and sighs.

There are some coughs which are due to causes outside the respiratory tract and if there is no disease of this tract, medical advice should be sought.

Short, acute, painful coughs, with soreness in the lungs and no expectoration.

Late stage of inflammatory coughs, with expectoration of slimy, yellow or watery-yellow matter.

Predisposing factors are similar to those preceding the onset of seasonal coughs and colds.

He coughs a wad of blood out of his throat, and his voice gets stronger and more confident.

He puts his hand to his collar and stretches his throat, and coughs, in a feeble, girlish and yet deliberate kind of way.