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Usage examples of "coue".

They ranged from the early investigations of Bertrand and of James Braid to the more recent studies of auto-suggestion by Coue and other modern French writers in this line of thought.

An ill-digested rehash of Freud, Coue, and Buchman, the basis of Psychonamics appeared to be the self-hypnosis characteristic of its creator.

Expedition, under the Command of Lewis and Clark, by Elliott Coues, 1893, vol.

Elliot Coues, Birds of the Kerguelen Island, in Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, vol.

Not until 1893, when a researcher and naturalist named Elliott Coues rediscovered their all but forgotten manuscripts mouldering in a cupboard at the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia and produced an annotated edition of their journals, were they at last accorded recognition as naturalists, cartographers and ethnologists.

Coues saw the gulls to Buphogus--the sea-hen of the sealers-- pursue make them disgorge their food, while, on the other side, the gulls and the terns combined to drive away the sea-hen as soon as it came near to their abodes, especially at nesting-time.