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COU is an acronym with several meanings:

  • Columbia Regional Airport
  • Comité Olímpico Uruguayo, the Uruguayan Olympic Committee
  • Council of Ontario Universities
  • Unidad de Valor Real – ISO 4217, the currency of Columbia
  • Curso de Orientación Universitaria, a former Spanish Pre-University academic course.

Usage examples of "cou".

Not farre of, there was a cleft in the earth, the which continually did cast foorth burning matter, and taking of this, and filling the bottome of the vessel, they did put certaine ginnes and sweet woods which made an inestimable suffumigation, as of the sweetest past, afterwardes closing the same, and putting downe the couer, both partes being holow, and the lipping and ribbing perforated and pearced through the transparent, Christal cleare and bright, they rendered a pleasant and diuers coulered light, by the which through the smal holes the bathes were lightened, and the heate stil incarcerated and interdicted.

The Couer ouer the Throne was of an inamelled couloring contayning in it a beautifull image without any beard, the head bushing with yellow haire, part of his brest Couered with a thinne cloath ouer the displayed winges of an Eagle, her head turning vp, and beholding of him.

And when we had wel tasted and eaten of the same delectable meat, there was deliuered to vs a goodly cup of the aforenamed Beryl, with his couer, and couered ouer that also with a thinne Veyle of silke and Gold curiously folded into the fourme of a Canapie, the ends cast ouer the shoulders of the bearers, and hanging down their backe.

The middlemost of them did beare a braunch of coorrall, lyke a tree, such as is not founde amongst the Ilandes Orchades, of one cubite high, which stoode as vppon a little mountayne, which was the couer of an old fashioned vessell of pure gold, in forme of a Challyce, as high agayne as the couer and the tree of coorrall, full of curious workmanshippe and leafe worke, neuer made in our age, nor the like seene.

And the mordycant couer of the same was thicke set with incomparable iewelles: and in lyke sorte all the base and handle whereas conueniencie requyred, and glystering about.

Which yoong woman reuerently bowing to the earth with her right knee, reseruing the other still vp, whereuppon shee helde this couer of coorrall, which also besides the flowers, had vppon the pointes and toppes of other twigges or sprouts curiously infixed monstrous great pearle.

The which in steade of squadred lyneament, did contayne a roundnesse waued betweene, in the which was maruellously ingrauen a little sacrifice with an olde Aultar on eyther sides, with manie figures and actions, the rest that was voyde, the tayles of the foresayde Harpyes ioyning togeather, and turning heere and there into leaues, did excellently couer the same.

Vppon the which there was placed an other vessell as it were a circular couer of a most curious leafe worke, with a smal coronice, and an artificiall orifice.

Oh blinde Monster, how doost thou blinde, and with what deceipt doost thou couer the eyes, and deceiue the vnderstanding sences of vnhappie and miserable Louers with vailes and mystes.

Vppon the border in the necke of the couer, were two halfe rings, suppressed in the border by transuersion, one of them iust against another, which were holden in the biting teeth of two Lysarts, or byting Dragons of greene emerauld, bearing out from the couer.

They stoode with their serpentlike feete vpon the lower part of the couer vnder the necke, betwixt the which and the lower vessell, was one quantitie, and from his vpper gracilament descending, he ioyned with the turned in sime of the circumferent lymbus or verdge, where they did closely byte togither.

These little dragons one against an other, their brests and throtes hollowing out from the border and the couer, and their tayles turning vpwards againe, did serue for the eares of the couer, iust ouer them of the lower vessell.

The lower turning about, where the couer did close with the vessell being of two parts, ioyned togither with an excellent foliature, halfe a foote broad, as if they had bin inseparable.

Yet neuertheles I could not so bridle and suppresse my amorous inflamed sighes, or so closely couer them, but that they would needs expresse my inward desire.

Detective, meet Madeleine de Couer, Lupe Ortega, and Rebecca Maldonado.