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Cotu may refer to several villages in Romania:

  • Cotu, a village in Cuca Commune, Argeş County
  • Cotu, a village in Uda Commune, Argeş County
  • Cotu, a village in Copălău Commune, Botoşani County
  • Cotu, a village in Breasta Commune, Dolj County
  • Cotu Băii, a village in Fântâna Mare Commune, Suceava County
  • Cotu Ciorii, a village in C. A. Rosetti Commune, Buzău County
  • Cotu Dobei, a village in Fântânele Commune, Suceava County
  • Cotu Grosului, a village in Filipești Commune, Bacău County
  • Cotu lui Ivan, a village in Golăiești Commune, Iași County
  • Cotu Lung and Cotu Mihalea, villages in Siliștea Commune, Brăila County
  • Cotu Morii, a village in Popricani Commune, Iași County
  • Cotu Malului, a village in Leordeni Commune, Argeș County
  • Cotu Miculinţi, a village in Coțușca Commune, Botoşani County
  • Cotu Văii, a village in Albești Commune, Constanța County
  • Cotu Vameş, a village in Horia Commune, Neamț County

COTU may refer to:

  • DC Comics' Challengers of the Unknown
  • Cities of the Underworld