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The Collaborative International Dictionary

cotton seed \cotton seed\, or, usually collectively, cottonseed \cot"ton*seed`\, n. The seed of the cotton plant.


n. The seed of the cotton plant


n. seed of cotton plants; source of cottonseed oil


Cottonseed is the seed of the cotton plant.

The mature seeds are brown ovoids weighing about a tenth of a gram. By weight, they are 60% cotyledon, 32% coat and 8% embryonic root and shoot. These are 20% protein, 20% oil and 3.5% starch. Fibers grow from the seed coat to form a boll of cotton lint. The boll is a protective fruit and when the plant is grown commercially, it is stripped from the seed by ginning and the lint is then processed into cotton fibre. For unit weight of fibre, about 1.6 units of seeds are produced. The seeds are about 15% of the value of the crop and are pressed to make oil and used as ruminant animal feed. About 5% of the seeds are used for sowing the next crop.

Usage examples of "cottonseed".

Buick ditched out on Cottonseed Road, and nobody was thinking Austin was in Mexico now.

He fed them a mixture of parched corn, cottonseed meal, and alfalfa pellets from their packs.

Reaching into her sack, she scooped her hand through the remaining cottonseed, the fuzzy kernels both soft and prickly against her skin.

She reached back into the sack and pulled out another handful of cottonseed, then started along the furrow, dropping them into the dirt.

Palm Oil -- Coco-nut Oil -- Olive Oil -- Cottonseed Oil -- Linseed Oil -- Castor Oil -- Corn Oil -- Whale Oil or Train Oil -- Repe Oil.

Before the camp went up, business there had centered on cattle and on ginning the cotton grown in the surrounding countryside and making cottonseed cake that the cattle ate.

The room smelled of sweat, cottonseed oil, and the lingering exhaust of high-octane jet fuel.

Corn, soybeans and cottonseeds are also good sources of vegetable oil but do not yield as much per acre as sunflower seeds.

If you take away my beet pulp, I have to go to the cottonseed cake.