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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cotta \Cot"ta\, n. [LL. See Coat.]

  1. (Eccl.) A surplice, in England and America usually one shorter and less full than the ordinary surplice and with short sleeves, or sometimes none.

  2. A kind of very coarse woolen blanket.


n. 1 A surplice, in England and America usually one shorter and less full than the ordinary surplice and with short sleeves, or sometimes none. 2 A kind of coarse woollen blanket.

Cotta (moth)

Cotta is a genus of moth in the family Geometridae.

Usage examples of "cotta".

At Cotta, qui cogitasset haec posse in itinere accidere atque ob eam causam profectionis auctor non fuisset, nulla in re communi saluti deerat et in appellandis cohortandisque miltibus imperatoris et in pugna militis officia praestabat.

Cotta asked her as they came down the slight slope of the Fauces Suburae into the Argiletum and prepared to cross the lower end of the Forum Romanum.

Paphnutius, considering Cotta as nothing but an idolater, did not deign to reply.

Marcus Aurelius Cotta say that there has been a quarrel among the Germans, and that at the moment they seem to have abandoned their intention of migrating through our province of Gaul-across-the-Alps.

I came away with a tunica the colour of terra cotta, banded at the hem with green and gold, and a palla of green wool to wear with it, and another ensemble in the rosy shades of dawn.

Marcus Aurelius Cotta sailed the Sinus Gallicus from Massilia to Ostia in winds that veered between perfect and nonexistent, a better passage by far than could have been predicted.

There was an alley by the side of the hotel just below his window, and Dickie and Marge came down it, Dickie in his white trousers and terra cotta shirt, Marge in a skirt and blouse.

Ife and Benin, whether in terra cotta or cast in metal, are famous everywhere.

Marcus Aurelius Cotta, on charges of stealing the spoils from the Bithynian city of Heracleia.

If the bronzes have half the quality of the terra cotta, collectors would quite literally kill for them.

Aurelius Cotta, with the approbation of Pompey, proposed a law by which the Judices were to be taken in future from the Senate, Equites, and Tribuni AErarii, the latter probably representing the wealthier members of the third order in the state.

It was a small ship, built for speed rather than cargo, and looked suspiciously like a Massiliote fighting ship to Cotta, though the Massiliotes were not supposed to have any without Roman approval.

He grinned, remembering the colossal sum the Massiliotes had charged Marcus Aurelius Cotta for a single ship to take him to Rome bearing the news of Arausio.

Gaul of the Long-hairs Caesar had gone into the lands of the Nervii, who fought on foot and lived along the Mosa below the lands of the Eburones, to which a dismayed and unhappy Sabinus was at present conveying the Thirteenth Legion and an even more dismayed and unhappy Lucius Aurunculeius Cotta.

Lucius Cotta legatus omnes cohortes ordinesque adhortans in adversum os funda vulneratur.