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acr. 1 (acronym of w:Commercial off-the-shelf Consumer Off-The-Shelf (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) English) Refers to ready-made merchandise that is available for sale, defined by market need, significant functionality and complexity, and self-contained. 2 (context space English) (acronym of w:Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Commercial Orbital Transportation Services English)


COTS may refer to:

  • Commercial off-the-shelf, products that are commercially available and can be bought "as is"
  • Commercial Orbital Transportation Services, a NASA program for delivery to the International Space Station by private companies
  • Crest of the Stars, a manga/anime space opera
  • Crown-of-thorns starfish, a large, multiple-armed starfish

Usage examples of "cots".

Chen gestured with one arm, pointing at the opposite side of the room, which was filled with two rows of cots and reclining men.

Six narrow Army cots roughly three feet apart stood one end against the wall in a long line.

Three cots down, Aggie was tying her hair in rag curlers, using a mirror propped on her cross-legged lap.

Agreeing sounds of laughter came from the row of cots, not too loud and not too forceful.

Slowly they all moved toward their own Army cots, unsettled by this sudden intrusion of a stranger among them.

Within minutes, they were all dragging their cots outdoors and setting them up between the barracks.

As other bays heard the commotion, they joined them until cots were strung out the full length of the buildings.

In a wild scramble of bodies, some girls sought the safety JANET DAILEY of the barracks while others perched atop their cots to peer over the edges, and more searched for a weapon.

Some of the trainees gave up and hauled their cots back into the bays, but Marty yawned and stretched out more fully on her cot.

Near the vats were three cots, on which, under blankets, lay three bodies, spent in sleep.

Giles and the arbites aboard had just enough time to pull up their cots before the launch button was hit.

They clutched at the frames of their cots as the sudden acceleration pounced on them.

Gravity forces pressed them hard against the webbing of their cots, as the lifeship was hurled away from its mother ship, into space.

The collapsible cots they had occupied while blasting free of the spaceliner were concealed beneath that same spongy surface.

Defeated, Frenco and Di sidled out from between their two cots and started through the opening in the screen, obediently.