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Coto may refer to:

Coto (Narcea)

Coto is one of 54 parishes in Cangas del Narcea, a municipality within the province and autonomous community of Asturias, in northern Spain.

Usage examples of "coto".

In its place he saw the whole planet, diminished as it had looked from the Coto docks.

He found the Coto terminal, the Security barracks, the Kwan Trade Center, the aerospace port, found hotels and parks and residence areas.

When Coto came down, I escaped in the spaceplane he was building for Benito.

When it was done, he accepted a promotion for it and returned to Coto High.

I got back to Coto High for a visit with your mother and tried to get out of Security.

Costa Ricans to contest Panamanian occupation right up to and past the Coto River.

Your son, Hector, served when a boy as a volunteer rifleman in the Coto River War.

His erat inter se de principatu contentio, et in illa magistratuum controversia alter pro Convictolitavi, alter pro Coto summis opibus pugnaverant.

The bark of a rubiaceous plant (Palicourea densiflors), known as Coto, is employed in Brazil for rheumatism, but it is not known if this is the true Bolivian plant.