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Cota or COTA may refer to:

Cota (genus)

Cota is a genus belonging to the chamomile tribe within the sunflower family. It is native to Europe, North Africa, and southwestern Asia, with a few species naturalized elsewhere. It is an herbaceous plant with flower heads including white or yellow ray florets and yellow disc florets.

Cota (power)

Cota is a wireless power technology built on the same principles and frequencies as Wi-Fi. Cota was announced on September 9, 2013 at TechCrunch Disrupt.

Usage examples of "cota".

Tara had expected the laundress to be either black, Indian, or of mixed blood, but Cota, it turned out, was a pretty young Italian girl with blue-black hair and bright green eyes and an olive skin.

She tried again with Cota, but Cota knew nothing, and Hattie just rolled her eyes and all but mimicked Jeeves, assuring her that Mr.

She turned around, heedless of Cota, and threw open her trunk, where her newly fashioned clothing awaited.

Before the conversation could progress, the door opened again and two more officers came out, escorting Georgie Cota between them.

And I also know that the city jail called an hour ago to warn her that Georgie Cota, the leader of Los Tigres, was released by accident.

Star Wars book and had cota e across my character Grand Admiral Thrawn and his interest in artwork.

Then Cota, or Canham, or a captain here, a lieutenant there, a sergeant someplace else, began to lead.

In adjusting and reacting to unexpected situations, the contrast between men like Generals Roosevelt and Cota, Colonels Canham and Otway, Major Howard, Captain Dawson, Lieutenants Spaulding and Winters, and their German counterparts could not have been greater.

As they tossed grenades into the windows, Cota and another man kicked in the front door, tossed a couple of grenades inside, waited for the explosions, then dashed into the house.

The strobe light looks continuous, but cotas off-pulses for range-it tulies a journey of the absence of light.

Un amplio manto de seda color escarlata caía de sus anchos hombros, y su cota de malla plateada brilló a la luz del día.