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n. any fish belonging to the genus (taxlink Corydoras genus noshow=1), a group of South American freshwater catfish

Cory (disambiguation)

Cory is a given name and a surname.

Cory may also refer to:


As a given name Corey is used by both males and females. As a surname it has a number of possible derivations, including an Old Norse personal name Kori of uncertain meaning, which is found in Scandinavia and England. As an Irish surname it comes from Ó Comhraidhe (descendant of Comhraidheh).

Alternative spellings for Cory are Corey, Coire, Corie, Corrie, Curry (surname), Correy, Kory, Khouri, and Kori. Cory may refer to:

Usage examples of "cory".

When Adele swayed forward, she found Dasi and Cory waiting to grab her arms and keep her on her feet.

Commander Leary was explaining something on an astrogation screen to Cory and Blantyre.

In the bunkhouse Butts and Cory each satisfied himself likewise that his weapons were in good condition.

Tetrick, Richard Freeborn, Robert Silverberg, Cory Doctorow, Michael Swanwick, Charles Stross, Craig Engler, Linn Prentis, Vaughne Lee Hansen, Jed Hartman, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Susan Marie Groppi, Patrick Swenson, Tom Vander Neut, Andy Cox, Steve Pendergrast, Laura Ann Gilman, Alastair Reynolds, Warren Lapine, Shawna McCarthy, David Hartwell, Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Sawyer, Jennifer A.

Ellen sat down in a chair and read ithow the Corys and their friends had come home on Sunday evening to find Jason gone and a window forced open in his room of the airconditioned house.

Cory Costain stood outside the Operations Building of Boynton Army Air Station, an adjunct of Camp Grant, Korea.

Something about Colonel Cory Costain set her nerves on edge and ruffled her usually even temper.

Cory and Tessa had one room, Ryver and Cube had another, Charles Horse had a nice stone stall, and the Princesses, Karia, and Drek were gone.

Prince Pao, clapping his hands and looking around so peremptorily that Cory and others find themselves clapping, too.

Cory and Tessa formed their sidestepping aisle, then brought the others in.

Cory alone with a young lad, two unconscious women, and an amnesic girl.

Normally Baram would take him at once to the infirmary for a full cephalic scan, but now he must stay here and watch for some possible opportunity to help Cory, however unlikely.

Only Cory can hear Kip's exclamations to the world in general—broken phrases of wonderment and amaze, half-uttered plaints about their own projected hydraulic system, astonishment at the Dameii's knowledge of the Federation Supply Catalog, astoundment that they should wish to change their immemorial way of life, dire predictions of their disappointment, bewildered curses of dismay.

The only ones missing were two toddlers belonging to Philip and Aurelie, who were too young to participate, Cheri and Adrien's little Cory, who had a cold .

And what Flem had said about Lieutenant Cory, whose place this young sergeant was taking.