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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Corvine \Cor"vine\ (k?r"v?n), a. [L. corvinus, fr. corvus crow.] Of or pertaining to the crow; crowlike.


a. Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of crows or ravens.


adj. relating to or resembling a crow

Usage examples of "corvine".

Even the corvine lady behind Ata looked apprehensive, as if she thought that a man capable of flight was capable of any feat.

Corvine and a pair of Axeheads flying around the bow and both flanks blasting away at the snarled tether lines.

Moving in groups between the waves of fighters and the Zhirrzh warships, trying to block or confuse whatever sensors the enemy was using, helping the Corvines and Axeheads to get across the kill zone into combat range.

The rest of the Corvines and Catbirds were burning space beside him, an advancing battle line of the most awesome warriors and fighting machines the Commonwealth had ever produced.

As Heckle's living read-head ingested and interpreted the coded candybytes, the raven jumped around the table like a fairy chess knight, a corvine Turing Train.

The heavy laser had flicked away from the crippled Corvine, relinquishing the chance for a direct kill in order to deal with this new threat bearing down on it.

The Corvine leaped forward like a hungry predator, the acceleration shoving him back into the seat cushions as the fighter skimmed on superconducting magnetic bearings down the launch tube toward space.

And even sacrificing their lives to run a moving screen between Zhirrzh firepower and a lone Corvine on a quixotic rescue mission.