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n. (plural of corticosteroid English)

  1. redirect Corticosteroid

Usage examples of "corticosteroids".

In a little under sixteen weeks they tried corticosteroids, L-aspiraginase, cytosine arabinoside, massive irradiation, and mercrystate crystals, with no more success than they'd expected, which was none and negatory.

And we may be able to use a chemical agent similar to corticosteroids to reduce swelling.

Ninety quants of corticosteroids, and three quants of Texteroxide will be delivered via runabout to Voyager, docking pylon BVO-nine-hundred.

Stress is frequently measured by the amount of corticosteroids and catecholamines (adrenalin and nor-adrenalin, for example) found in the blood and urine.

He began to read intensively in the literature on the effects of calcium-binding protein levels, on corticosteroids, on the calcium currents in the hippocampal pyramidal neurons, and on the calcification of the pineal gland.