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Corti is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfonso Giacomo Gaspare Corti (1822–1876), Italian anatomist (see also Organ of Corti)
  • Antonio Corti (born 1963), Argentine boxer
  • Axel Corti (1933–1993), Austrian writer and film director
  • Claudio Corti (climber), Italian mountaineer
  • Eugenio Corti (1921–2014), Italian novelist
  • Jean Corti (1929–2015), Italian-French accordionist and composer
  • Jesse Corti, American voice actor
  • Lodovico, Count Corti (1823–1888), Italian diplomat
  • Lucille Teasdale-Corti (1929–1996), Canadian physician and international aid worker

Usage examples of "corti".

This line of cells was described in 1851 by the Italian histologist Marchese Alfonso Corti, and so it is often called the organ of Corti.

For example, by Maaria Corti, an Italian researcher who agrees that the Shoroud image is a self-portrait of Leonardo, but prefers to ascribe his motives to his whish to identify with the sufferings of Jesus.

There was nothing interesting in the opera at Casal, so I went to Pavia, where, though utterly unknown, I was immediately welcomed by the Marchioness Corti, who received all strangers of any importance.

Florence were now no longer a mystery: since the month of January he had sent to Pisa ten or twelve hundred men under the Command of Regniero della Sassetta and Piero di Gamba Corti, and as soon as the conquest of the Romagna was complete, he had further despatched Oliverotto di Fermo with new detachments.

Among the cells of the organ of Corti are hair cells which are the actual sound-receptors.

The human organ of Corti is far richer in such hairs than is that of any other species of animal examined.

These are the hair cells in the organ of Corti, which have already been mentioned in the previous chapter.

However, meanings of signals from some types of sensory cells are necessarily position-dependent: the position of a retinal receptor relates to its position in the image projected onto the retina, the position of a receptor for touch is its actual position on the body, and the position of a receptor for sound in the organ of Corti is a function of frequency.

The rods of Corti are thought to act as dampers on the basilar membrane, to prevent the continuance of vibrations when once they are started.