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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Corse \Corse\ (k?rs or k?rs; 277), n. [OF. cors, F. corps. See Corpse.]

  1. A living body or its bulk. [Obs.]

    For he was strong, and of so mighty corse As ever wielded spear in warlike hand.

  2. A corpse; the dead body of a human being. [Archaic or Poetic]

    Set down the corse; or, by Saint Paul, I'll make a corse of him that disobeys.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

mid-13c., from Old French cors, from Latin corpus "body" (see corps for history and development). Archaic from 16c.


n. 1 (context obsolete English) A (living) body. 2 (context archaic English) A dead body, a corpse.

Corse (surname)

Corse is a European surname with several apparently independent origins. An English origin traces to Corse, Gloucestershire, a location in South West England. A Scottish origin can be traced to one of several specific locations in Scotland, or alternatively to a location type, as in a locale resembling a "cross". Another origin appears from Scandinavia as a 17th-century variant of the surname Carsten. The United Kingdom and Scandinavia may not account for all origins of the 'Corse' surname, as records show that the largest number of immigrants (albeit yet small) into the United States bearing this surname originated in Italy and Sardinia. One point of origin of the Corse surname into the United States was through the person of James Corse in the late 17th century, on whom a significant amount of genealogical research has been expended.

"Corse" was apparently uncommon in 19th and 20th century United States and England. In 1891 the surname was found in London and several counties of England (7 of 39) and Wales (1 of 13). In the United States in 1840, the surname was concentrated in New York, Vermont and to a lesser extent in Pennsylvania with a smattering in the remaining states (total of 10 out of 26). From 1840 to 1920, instances of the surname spread to most continental states (missing in 15 states of 50, including Alaska and Hawaii).

The Corse surname is shared by several notable people:

  • Montgomery D. Corse (1816–1895), American Civil War officer
  • John M. Corse (1835–1893), American state politician and Civil War General
Corse (disambiguation)

Corse may refer to:

  • Corse, the French name for Corsica, the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea
    • Corse-du-Sud, a French department
    • Haute-Corse, a French department
    • , a former department of France (1790–1793, 1811–1976)

    • Cap Corse, a peninsula on northern Corsica
  • Corse (surname), a European surname of multiple origins (and list of people with that name)
  • Corse, Gloucestershire, a village
  • Corse Castle in Scotland
  • Corse, a Shakespearean word for Corpse
  • MS Corse, the former name of the MS Express Samina passenger ferry

Usage examples of "corse".

Up to the present time we have captured Generals Ewell, Kershaw, Button, Corse, DeBare, and Custis Lee, several thousand prisoners, fourteen pieces of artillery with caissons and a large number of wagons.

These things all happened in the same year, I believe, certainly in a very short time after I had done what I could to induce the reappointment of General Corse and the selection of Judge Putnam.

No question but her name is puissant who aventried the dear corse of our Agenbuyer, Healer and Herd, our mighty mother and mother most venerable and Bernardus saith aptly that She hath an omnipotentiam deiparae supplicem, that is to wit, an almightiness of petition because she is the second Eve and she won us, saith Augustine too, whereas that other, our grandam, which we are linked up with by successive anastomosis of navelcords sold us all, seed, breed and generation, for a penny pippin.

Nel vedermi, mi corse incontro, e ancora una volta si prosternò ai miei piedi, profondendosi in tutti i gesti possibili e immaginabili, atti a dimostrare la sua umiltà e la sua gratitudine, e facendo una quantità di buffi gesti per attestarmi questo suo sentimento.

Tho vp him taking in their tender hands,They easily vnto her charet beare:Her teme at her commaundement quiet stands,Whiles they the corse into her wagon reare,And strow with flowres the lamentable beare:Then all the rest into their coches clim,And through the brackish waues their passage sheare.

So far, in his report, he had revealed only a lead into the Union Corse, whom he gave, corporately, as the source of his information.

Twixt his two mightie armes him vp he snatcht,And crusht his carkasse so against his brest,That the disdainfull soule he thence dispatcht,And th'idle breath all vtterly exprest:Tho when he felt him dead, a downe he kestThe lumpish corse vnto the senselesse grownd.

Their steel-hed speares they strongly coucht, and metTogether with impetuous rage and forse,That with the terrour of their fierce affret,They rudely droue to ground both man and horse,That each awhile lay like a sencelesse corse.

Draw your knives, men, and swear by the mangled corses of your dead comrades, that unto death you will follow yon traitor, so long as a man of you remain alive!

Si volse e corse lungo una via laterale che portava verso la muraglia di Teirm.

And this Sir Bellangere revenged the death of his father Alisander, and Sir Tristram slew King Mark, and La Beale Isoud died swooning upon the corse of Sir Tristram, whereof was great pity.