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CORR or corr may refer to:

In mathematics

  • Correlation, written as corr(X, Y) = ρ  in mathematics

In science

  • CORR Hypothesis for genes in organelles


  • Championship Off-Road Racing, American organization (1998 - 2008)
  • Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, an American medical journal established in 1953
  • The Corrs, Irish folk group formed in 1990

Usage examples of "corr".

GameMaster Corr shimmers into the studio on screen in front of a monitor with the WITCH WARS title screen on it.

To restore the balance, Dom Corria took the field in person, and Dom Miguel Barraca hastened from Rio de Janeiro to witness the crushing of his arch-enemy.

Corri visited the weapons locker while Devin readied their watercraft and their packs.