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Coron can refer to the following things:

  • Coron, Palawan, a municipality in the Philippines
    • Coron Island, under the jurisdiction of the municipality, Philippines
  • Coron, Maine-et-Loire, a commune in the Maine-et-Loire département in France
  • Coron, the Venetian name of the coastal town of Koroni on the Ionian Sea, in present-day Greece.
    • Siege of Coron
  • Jean-Michel Coron (born 1956), a French mathematician
  • Coron D. Evans (born 1844), an American soldier
  • Coron Land, a 1995 action video game
  • Llywelyn's coronet (Coron Arthur)

Usage examples of "coron".

I bore word to Coron Aldor, and we mounted a force of retribution and took up the dead Rupt and displayed their remains to Foul Folk throughout the Grimwall and gave warning that we would not tolerate such ravage-ment ever.

Alor Vanidar was Coron when the first Eld Tree seedlings were brought from Adonar and planted in the river-laden land which became Darda Galion.

Can ye not pass 'cross Coron Mountain—a mountain some name Stormhelm—then try the way under, through the holt of Drimmen-deeve.

Thou art thinking of the way under, for Gildor says the winding way he went passes 'neath Aevor Mountain to the south and Coron in the north.

We joined up with Coron Aldor's warband, and just afterward the company came to a stronghold of Spaunen, and we confronted their leader, their cham, and showed him the remains of the despoilers.

I am but recently Coron, and will lay the burden down some seasons from now—just when, I cannot say—and someone else will accept the duty.

The Coron gestured toward the outside, where the night was illuminated by the lanterns of Lian making ready to march.

And then he broke into a fit of giggles with Tip joining in, while Coron Eiron looked on in wilderment at these tittering Waerlinga, while outside goods were packed and blades were sharpened and armor was polished fine.

And after breaking their fast, the two of them wandered up above the Coron Hall and in among the silver birch clusters sprinkled across the grassy crest.

And when all had gathered, the Coron said, "We ride back to the wains, for there is little we can do here.

Then you can both advise the Dylvana Coron and Chieftain of the Baeron whenever they come.

And if needs be warn Coron and DelfLord and Chieftain and Prince alike.

King Loden looked about the table for affirmation and received nods from Chieftain Gara, DelfLord Borl, and Coron Ruar.

My sire, Coron Eiron, will then decide who is to ride the blood way and take it to the High Plane.

When his sire, Coron Eiron, sent Galarun unto the forges of the Mages, there below Black Mountain in Xian, he asked me if I would go with his son, but I would have gone regardless.