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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cornu \Cor"nu\ (k[^o]r"n[-u]), n.; pl. Cornua (-n[-u]*[.a]). A horn, or anything shaped like or resembling a horn.


n. A horn, or anything shaped like or resembling a horn.

  1. n. (anatomy) any structure that resembles a horn in shape

  2. [also: cornua (pl)]


Cornu (pl. cornua) is a Latin word for horn. Cornu may also refer to:

  • Cornu (horn), an ancient musical instrument


  • Dominique Cornu, a Belgian road and track cyclist, born 1985
  • Marie Alfred Cornu, a physicist for whom the Cornu spiral is named
  • Paul Cornu, an engineer sometimes credited as the creator of the first helicopter


  • Cornu, Prahova, a commune in Prahova County, Romania
  • Cornu, a village in Bucerdea Grânoasă Commune, Alba County, Romania
  • Cornu, a village in Orodel Commune, Dolj County, Romania
  • Cornu de Jos (disambiguation), multiple places
  • Cornu Luncii, a commune in Suceava County, Romania
  • Cornu–, a prefix used to indicate a relation to Cornwall

In zoology:

  • Cornu (subgenus), a subgenus of snails of the genus Helix, or alternatively, a separate genus
  • Cornu aspersum, species of brown garden snail, formerly known as Helix aspersa
  • One of two horn claspers associated with the penis of a bee drone

In anatomy:

  • Cornu ammonis, a part of the hippocampus of the brain
  • Cornu anterius, cornu inferius, and cornu posterius, parts of the lateral ventricle of the brain
  • Cornu anterius, or anterior horn, of the spinal cord
  • Cornu coccygeum, one of two upward projecting processes which articulate with the sacrum
  • Cornua of the hyoid, the greater and lesser horns of the hyoid bones
  • Sacral Cornua, two small processes projecting inferiorly on either side of the sacral hiatus leading into the sacral canal
  • Uterine cornu, one of two uterine horns, located near the entry of the Fallopian tube

In Medicine

  • Cutaneous horn, an eruption of the skin, mostly in fair skinned persons which can be benign but is often a precursor of skin cancer
Cornu (horn)

A cornu or cornum (, " horn", plural cornua, sometimes translated misleadingly as "cornet") was an ancient Roman brass instrument about long in the shape of a letter 'G'. The instrument was braced by a crossbar that stiffened the structure and provided a means of supporting its weight on the player's shoulder. Some specimens survive in the archaeological record, two from the ruins of Pompeii.

The cornu may be difficult to distinguish from the buccina. It was used by the Roman army for communicating orders to troops in battle. In Roman art, the cornu appears among the instruments that accompany games ( ludi) or gladiator combat in the arena, as on the Zliten mosaic.

Usage examples of "cornu".

He had brought with him a small cocked hat of the very latest fashion and of most elegant shape, and which had been fabricated by Monsieur Cornu, the first hat-maker in Villers-Cotterets.