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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cornea \Cor"ne*a\ (k?r"n?-?), n.; pl. Corneas (-?z). [Fem. sing., fr. L. corneus horny, fr. cornu a horn. See Horn.] (Anat.) The transparent part of the coat of the eyeball which covers the iris and pupil and admits light to the interior. See Eye.


n. (plural of cornea English)

Usage examples of "corneas".

His corneas were healthy, but he was born with atrophied optic nerves.

It was close enough so Richie could see the yellowing corneas of its eyes, could smell sweet rotten meat on its breath.

The corneas were now yellow, ancient, threaded with bleary stitches of red.

His eyes were a weird gray-green color, and the corneas seemed to float on a watery viscous substance.