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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Morphon \Mor"phon\, n. [Gr. ?, p. pr. of ? to form.] (Biol.) A morphological individual, characterized by definiteness of form, in distinction from bion, a physiological individual. See Tectology. --Haeckel. Note: Of morphons there are six orders or categories:

  1. Plastids or elementary organisms.

  2. Organs, homoplastic or heteroplastic.

  3. Antimeres (opposite or symmetrical or homotypic parts).

  4. Metameres (successive or homodynamous parts).

  5. Person[ae] (shoots or buds of plants, individuals in the narrowest sense among the higher animals).

  6. Corms (stocks or colonies). For orders 2, 3, and 4 the term idorgan has been recently substituted. See Idorgan.


n. (plural of corm English)

Usage examples of "corms".

John Terry asked for money for the new crocus corms and it was given him.

Taro corms were kept dry and twisted inside pandanus leaves until such time as they could be plunged into soft, wet mud for a new harvest.

Sedge corms had been harvested, too, and there were peeled water-lily stems and the very new, white shoots of the bulrush, to be eaten raw.

H'ani had to clean out his ears and brush it from the corms of his grey hair, and from his eyelashes.

He found a still flourishing patch of rhubarb, a few scrawny rosebushes with red hips waiting for the winter birds, a patch of iris so crowded that corms had been pushed above the surface of the ground.

It contained vegetables that had been cooked that morning: daylily buds, cut pieces of the green stems of poke, elder shoots, thistle stems, burdock stems, coiled baby ferns, and lily corms, flavored with wild basil, elderberry flowers, and pignut roots for added spice.