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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ A porcelain corgi in the window took her fancy.
▪ He was due to be put down because he did not have the right ears for a show class pedigree corgi.
▪ Sam, a corgi cross who belongs to the Watts family in Marton, was excitable, though not malicious.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

corgi \corgi\ n. either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a foxlike head.

Syn: Welsh corgi.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1926, from Welsh corgi, from cor "dwarf" + ci "dog" (see canine).


n. A breed of small dog having short legs and fox-like features.


n. either of two Welsh breeds of long-bodied short-legged dogs with erect ears and a fox-like head [syn: Welsh corgi]


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Usage examples of "corgi".

There were small dogs like sharp-faced corgis and brown-and-black silky terriers and a Lhasa apso with long golden hair.

The succeeding wave of tourists was frothing about them, the Battle of the Beige raging round a question of amatory precedence, the new guide darting hither and thither like a Cardiganshire corgi nipping at the heels of a herd of refractory cows.

This book is set in Baskerville 10 pt. Corgi Books are published by TranswoHd Publisher!

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On the matting beneath the photo, carefully printed in block letters, was DAISY, PEMBROKE CORGI, AGE 9.

Circumstances suggested that it had come from one of two corgis who were even now slamming their preposterous bodies into each other not far away, trying to roll each other over, which runs contrary to the laws of mechanics even in the case of corgis that are lean and trim, which these were not.

Nell hardly noticed this incongruity because the corgis heard Rita turning the latch on the glass doors and rushed toward them yapping, and this drew out the Constable himself, who approached them squinting through the dark glass, and once he was out from behind the rhodies, Nell could see that there was something amiss with the flesh of his body.

Then he subjected the corgis to a minute or so of close-order drill, using a patch of moss-covered flagstones as parade ground, and stringently criticizing their performance in tones loud enough to penetrate through the glass doors.

Nimble and speedy as the Corgis were—and well they should be, having been bred to herd cattle—those short legs wouldn't outrun anything big enough to be a threat, not in the long haul.

With the money she had earned from time sold (and with some pressed on her by Alan: his time was more valuable than hers, though he didn't seem to want the money it realized) Mary bought some Imperial Leather, some Antique Gold, some Cracker Pink, some Honey Beige, some Scotties, some Corgis, some Panthers, some Penguins.

The Queen Mother promenaded in her back garden, her corgi, Susan, at her side.

What she knew for sure was that she had a Cardigan Welsh Corgi in her dog room, and that even the generous pile of towels accruing beside her wouldn't do anything but soak up dirty water, leaving the grit in his coat and a bath the only recourse.

Buster, the Demmicks' Welsh Corgi, has a high-pitched bark that goes through your head like slivers of glass, and he uses it as much as he can.

His most recent book isPuppy Kisses Are Good for the Soul and Other Important Lessons You and Your Dog Can Teach Each Other, the nonfiction account of his fifteen-year relationship with his wonderful Welsh Corgi, Mail Order Annie.

The dog was a Welsh corgi, very short-legged, but he did love to sleep in a bed, and so every night he stood erect and propped his elbows on the mattress and gazed at Macon expectantly till Macon gave him a boost.