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Corey is a given first or last name.

Usage examples of "corey".

Connie Corey, the day-shift reception supervisor, and Harold Beardslee, Imperial Club director.

Then there was his uncle Corey who lived not far from Durango on a ranch high up in the mountains.

Since the plane was at an altitude where he could use a mobile phone, he considered calling Durango to find out if Corey had abducted the woman.

Stone and their uncle Corey, Durango had no intention of ever settling down.

Upon first meeting Durango she had immediately known that he and Stone were related and the same held true for Corey Westmoreland.

Martha Carrier, Martha Corey, Mary Easty, Alice Parker, Ann Pudeator, Dorcas Hoar, Mary Bradbury, Margaret Scott, Wilmot Reed, Samuel Wardwell, Mary Parker, Abigail Faulkner, Rebecca Eames, Mary Lacey, Ann Foster, and Abigail Hobbs stood convicted of practicing witchcraft.

General Court voted in October that the conviction and attainders of George Burroughs, John Proctor, George Jacobs, John Willard, Giles Corey, Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Sarah Good, Elizabeth How, Mary Easty, Sarah Wildes, Abigail Hobbs, Samuel Wardwell, Mary Parker, Martha Carrier, Abigail Faulkner, Anne Foster, Rebecca Eames, Mary Post, Mary Lacey, Mary Bradbury, and Dorcas Hoar be reversed.

Corey was one of the only people who would let Joke talk freely about Emul and Berenice.

Had the Redjackets found and killed them months after Firebird and Corey had reported them dead in space, or had they vanished effectively enough?

Along its edge Firebird walked with Corey, slowly now, deep in thought.

Instead of using his uvvy, Corey was yelling at an ancient tabletop vizzy phone with a wall-mounted camera and a broken screen.

First he called Darla Starr, and then after the aliens took his uvvy away, Corey used a regular old vizzy phone to accept a call from Darla.

Corey, however, she would have to pay her respects to each of the Electors, all the Marshals, and nearly all her superior officers, all the while watching for Heirs with hazing on their minds.

Corey as an applicant to him for employment, as his guest, as the possible suitor of his daughter, was one of the sweetest flavours that he had yet tasted in his success.

Corey, however she viewed it, could not allow herself to blench before the son whom she had taught that to want magnanimity was to be less than gentlemanly.