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Corex is a cough syrup sold by Pfizer Inc.. It is available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and a few other South Asian countries. Corex is a prescribed medicine.

Its active ingredients are chlorpheniramine maleate and codeine phosphate.

Corex (geological analysis)

COREX provides specialist services primarily in the analysis of geological samples for the oil and gas industry. COREX was established in the early 1970s and over the last 35 years has become established as one of the world's leading Core Analysis providers offering services to the leading oil companies worldwide in the area of Routine Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, PVT, NMR, Formation Damage Analysis, Enhanced Oil Recovery and Reservoir Geology.

In order to support the international oil and gas industry, COREX main office is in Aberdeen and has established overseas laboratories in Egypt (Cairo), Libya (Tripoli), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) and Kazakhstan (Atyrau) including associations with laboratories in Malaysia, Spain, India, Russia and Columbia.

Corex (disambiguation)

Corex may refer to:

  • Corex, a cough medicine
  • Corex (geological analysis), an independent oil field services company and testing laboratory
  • Corex, in Greek mythology, one of the sons of Coronus
  • Corex plant, a steel-making plant, see Mittal Steel South Africa
  • Corex D filter, a product of Taeyeong I&T
  • Corex is a sign maker's material similar to Coroplast