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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Also, there is no portable submersible rotary corer that could do the job.
▪ But an attempt to pull up a second core failed when the corer snagged and then broke off its cable.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Corer \Cor"er\ (k?rr"?rr), n. That which cores; an instrument for coring fruit; as, an apple corer.


n. 1 A utensil for removing the core from apples and similar fruit or vegetables 2 (context geology English) A device used to take core samples for analysis


n. a device for removing the core from apples


Usage examples of "corer".

Initial proctitis and the inevit4ble purulent discharge -- which may pass unnoticed in the shuRe -- is followed by stricture of the rectum requiring intervention of an apple corer or its surgical equivalent, lest the unfortunate patient be reduced to fart and shit in his teeth giving rise to stubborn cases of halitosis and unpopularity with all sexes, ages and conditions of homo sapiens.

No, what interested Duncan was the bin of contrivances he had found behind Silas's counter: rusty cherry pitters, potato quillers, apple corers, fish sealers, an ingenious spiral cone for separating the white of an egg from the yolk.

You’re going to be piggybacking a corer on the diamond bit so that we can see if we can get a decent sample of whatever the hell we’re trying to drill into.

The next day they ventured as far as the ice cap in the southern hemisphere, taking samples of the frozen crust and as many layers of soil as the deep corer could manage to reach.