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Coreana is a genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae. The genus is monotypic containing the single species Coreana raphaelis (Oberthür, 1880) found in the East Palearctic in Ussuri, Northeast China, Korea and Japan (Honshu). The larva feeds on Fraxinus (F. rhyncophylia , F. japonica, F. lanuginosa, F. mandshurica). Three subspecies are named:-

  • C. r. flamen (Leech, 1887) Korea
  • C. r. yamamotoi Okano, 1953 Japan
  • C. r. ohruii Shirôzu, 1962 Japan
Coreana (disambiguation)

Coreana is a gossamer-winged butterfly genus.

It may also refer to:

  • Coreana Cosmetic Museum, a museum in Seoul, South Korea
  • "Corana", a Beanie Baby teddy bear produced by Ty, Inc. in 2002–03 exclusively sold in South Korea. See Geographic Beanie Babies#Korea

See also:

  • Ulmus parvifolia var. coreana