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The Collaborative International Dictionary

cords \cords\ n. [contraction of corduroys.] trousers made of corduroy cloth; corduroys.

Syn: corduroys.


Etymology 1 n. (lang=en cord) vb. (en-third-person singular of: cord) Etymology 2

n. (context informal English) corduroys.


n. cotton trousers made of corduroy cloth [syn: corduroys]


The acronym CORDS may refer to:

  • Civil Operations and Revolutionary Development Support, a pacification program of the U.S. in the Vietnam War
  • Cords Cable Industries Limited, an India-based multinational corporation

Cords may also refer to:

  • Cords (album), an electronic music album by Larry Fast

Usage examples of "cords".

The Ramen are hardy, and I have taught my Cords the care of such wounds.

Liand to join her as she crossed the gutrock to join the Cords who were treating their hurt comrades.

Manethrall and the Cords watched her as Liand did, as if she had led them to expect miracles.

Hami might well have sacrificed all her Cords in battle, but she would risk none of them for the sake of an untruth.

Sahah would live until the Cords who had been sent for hurtloam returned.

Linden took notice of the Cords, drawn by the tension emanating from them.

A certain number of the Cords appeared older than those who followed Hami.

All of the Cords had withdrawn to the rim of the clearing, taking Anele with them.

There the Manethrall gathered eight or ten of her older Cords, and they all sat down with Linden.

Then some of the younger Cords hurried forward with their trenchers, carrying food and drink to the circles, while others brought waterskins so that the sitting Ramen and their guests could wash their hands.

Glancing at the nearby Cords, she saw that they ate by taking a bit of the mush, shaping it with their fingers, and then using it to scoop stew into their mouths.

When the younger Cords had passed around more water for the washing of hands, they cleared away the trenchers and waterskins.

 When the Ranyhyn had departed, the Cords bore Stave into one of their open-sided shelters and laid him gently down on a bed of thick grass and bracken near the small cookfire.

Stave had not regained consciousness while the Cords settled him in his bed.

The man who had nearly killed Stave could have knocked both Cords aside easily.