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Usage examples of "corde".

Bill Corde pressed toward the paper through a tangle of juniper and maple saplings and stubborn runners of forsythia.

His skin was pale, the month being April and Corde having been fishing only twice so far that season.

Bill Corde had crouched down beside the body, his knee popping, and put his face next to hers.

With his hand inside a small plastic bag, Corde pulled the paper from the russet thorns.

William Corde, chief investigator in the case, shown here last March with his wife, Diane, and children, Jamie, 15, and Sarah, 9.

Bill Corde, hat in hand, boots carefully wiped, watched the man pause in the dim hallway then reach quickly for a door knob.

Gebben said and shrugged in such a way that Corde understood the man had no idea what he was saying.

A coolness around the edges that Bill Corde thought was permanent and had not arisen with the killing.

Rototilled earth of the side yard, Corde turned on the sprinkler, which began to saturate the patch of mud that the seed package had promised four weeks ago would be luxurious green in six.

As he cracked the cellophane wrapping, Miller glanced into the briefcase and noticed Corde staring at a photo taped to the inside.

She said she would, only wait a minute she wanted to get her purse, which she did, and they wandered around in the park until, thank you Lord, a roaring cloudburst forced them into a little shack and while the other pot-luckers were eating beans and franks and making forty-days-and-forty-nights jokes, Corde and Diane kissed, wet and hot, and she decided she was going to marry him.

Rather, Diane Corde felt that for some reason it was the trouble with Sarah that was driving them apart.

Ebbans, with his affection for Corde, nor Miller, with his inexperience on the job, wanted any part of this.

Bill Corde lies awake with trembling heart and legs so wet that he wonders for a horrid moment if he let go of his control as did his father every night of the last two months of his life.

We were wondering if you could come in and speak to Detective Corde for a bit?