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Corbi is a commune in Argeş County, Romania.

It is composed of six villages: Corbi, Corbşori, Jgheaburi, Poduri, Poenărei and Stăneşti. Corbi is located in the northern part of Argeş County: its neighbours are Nucșoara commune to the north, Domneşti commune to the south, Aninoasa commune to the east and Brăduleț and Mușătești communes to the west.

The agricultural surface of the entire locality is 5,664 hectares, of which 198 ha is arable land, 2,829 ha pastures, 1,809 ha hay fields, 828 ha meadows and 200 ha forests.

The population of the commune is 4,438 people, and the surface is 40 km.

The main occupations are sheep-keeping (20,000 sheep), cattle-keeping (1,700 heads of cattle) and animal husbandry.

The commune's villages have six schools, six Romanian Orthodox churches, five kindergartens, three community centres, a medical unit, a veterinary office, a pharmacy, a post office, a bakery and other businesses.