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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Corb \Corb\ (k[^o]rb), n. [L. corbis basket. Cf. Corbeil, Corp.]

  1. A basket used in coal mines, etc. see Corf.

  2. (Arch.) An ornament in a building; a corbel.


n. 1 A basket used in coal mines, etc.; a corf. 2 (context architecture English) An ornament in a building; a corbel.


Corb or CORB may refer to:

Figures in Irish mythology and legendary history:

  • Corb (mythology), a Fomorian
  • Mug Corb, sometimes called Mac Corb, a High King
  • Fer Corb, a High King, son of Mug Corb


  • Corb (river), a river in Catalonia, Spain
  • Children's Overseas Reception Board (CORB), a British child-welfare organisation active in 1940
  • Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans, a Canadian country music band, formerly known as the Corb Lund Band
  • Morty Corb (1917–1996), an American jazz double-bassist
Corb (river)

The Corb river (Catalan: el riu Corb or el Riucorb) is a small river in Catalonia, Spain.

It rises at a spring near the village of Rauric, just west of the town of Santa Coloma de Queralt in central Catalonia, flows westwards past the villages of Llorac, Vallfogona de Riucorb, Guimerà, Ciutadilla, Nalec, Rocafort de Vallbona, Sant Martí de Maldà, Maldà, Belianes, then veers northwards across the plain where it disappears into a network of irrigation canals. Its original course collects water again near the town of Bellpuig, then flows west until it joins the river Segre at Vilanova de la Barca, north-east of Lleida city. The Segre flows into the Ebro, one of Spain's major rivers, which enters the Mediterranean in the far south of Catalonia.

Usage examples of "corb".

Sorar, granddaughter of Art Corb, daughter of Eibhlain, now called the Wise Mother.