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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cora \Co"ra\, n. (Zo["o]l.) The Arabian gazelle ( Gazella Arabica), found from persia to North Africa.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

fem. proper name, from Latin, from Greek Kore (see Kore).

Cora, WY -- U.S. Census Designated Place in Wyoming
Population (2000): 76
Housing Units (2000): 60
Land area (2000): 5.394978 sq. miles (13.972929 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 0.000000 sq. miles (0.000000 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 5.394978 sq. miles (13.972929 sq. km)
FIPS code: 17210
Located within: Wyoming (WY), FIPS 56
Location: 42.954245 N, 109.981957 W
ZIP Codes (1990): 82925
Note: some ZIP codes may be omitted esp. for suburbs.
Cora, WY

Cora may refer to:

Cora (rocket)

Cora is the name of a single-stage French experimental rocket, which was propelled with nitrogen tetroxide and UDMH. The Cora rocket served for component testing for planned Europe Rocket. The first stage of the Cora was 5.5 metres long and had a diameter of 2 metres. It weighed with fuel 9.85 tons. The entire rocket had a length of 11.5 metres and a takeoff weight of 16.5 tons. The Cora was launched on 27 November 1966 and on 18 December 1966 from Hammaguir, about which latter start was successful. On 25 October 1967 a further launch took place from Biscarosse, which failed however. The Cora was the largest rocket ever launched in Western Europe.

Cora (hypermarket)

Cora is a retail group of hypermarkets located in France and elsewhere in Europe. Cora was founded in 1974 by the supermarket holding Louis Delhaize Group after taking over three Carrefour hypermarkets located in Belgium. These three were originally established around 1969 as a joint venture franchise between two other companies: the Carrefour Group and the Delhaize Group.

The Louis Delhaize Group owns several supermarket and hypermarket chains internationally, including Cora, Louis Delhaize, Match, Profi, Truffaut, Ecomax, Animalis, Sovena and Houra.

The name 'Cora' is borrowed from the Greek goddess Persephone (Roman: Proserpina) who is also known as Cora.

Cora (restaurant)

Cora is a Canadian chain of casual restaurants serving breakfast and lunch. Until 2008, the chain was known as Chez Cora déjeuners... in Quebec, and now just Cora elsewhere in Canada. Franchises are located in all provinces.

Chez Cora began in 1987 when Cora Tsouflidou opened a snack bar in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is now a chain of more than 50 franchises in Quebec and 121 across Canada.

Cora (Ancient Latin town)

Cora was a town in ancient central Italy.

It is recorded as being part of the Latin League. According to Livy, in 503 BC it sought unsuccessfully to revolt against the Roman republic, together with Suessa Pometia, and with the assistance of the Aurunci.

By 495 BC Cora and Pometia are said by Livy to have been Volscian towns. Upon hearing of Volscian attempts to foment war, the Roman army marched against the Volsci, and in order to avoid war the Volsci offered three hundred children of the leading men of Cora and Suessa Pometia as hostages. War nevertheless broke out later in the year. It is unclear what happened to the hostages.

Cora (American Horror Story)
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Cora (opera)

Cora is an opera in four acts by the French composer Étienne Méhul. The libretto, by Valadier, is based on the novel Les Incas by Jean-François Marmontel. It was the first opera Méhul wrote but the second to be performed, receiving its premiere at the Académie Royale de Musique (the Paris Opéra) on 15 February 1791. Cora was not a success and there were only four more performances (18, 20, 25 February and 4 March).

Cora (genus)

Cora is a genus of damselflies in the family Polythoridae, the bannerwings. In a 1990 revision there were 18 species.

Species include:

  • Cora aurea
  • Cora chiribiquete
  • Cora chirripa
  • Cora confusa
  • Cora cyane
  • Cora dorada
  • Cora dualis
  • Cora inca
  • Cora irene
  • Cora jocosa
  • Cora klenei
  • Cora lugubris
  • Cora marina
  • Cora modesta
  • Cora munda
  • Cora notoxantha
  • Cora obscura
  • Cora parda
  • Cora semiopaca
  • Cora skinneri
  • Cora terminalis
  • Cora xanthostoma

Usage examples of "cora".

Fairy hit all the high notes for her part and motioned for Cora to sing along.

Ramelle loved Celeste and made love with her, but she always suspected that in some unspoken way Cora was more central to Celeste than she was.

To Cora and even little Louise and Julia Ellen, though Celeste had more money she was no different than they were.

As Cora headed for the pavilion, he took his cap off and walked beside her.

Aimes, Cora let out one piercing cry of impossible anguish, then lapsed into silence.

Celeste and Dennis rested the body in the back seat, where Cora sat with his bloodied head in her lap.

Ramelle sidestepped the martial show and Cora alternated between amusement and irritation.

Celeste hurried into the front hall, put on a heavy coat, her boots, went into her study and threw something in her pocket and was out the door before Cora or Jutts could think of other reasons why she should stay inside.

He was to return in a week, so Cora did her best to see that the goings on would be special for him, too.

Juts produced a tambourine and Cora had the uneasy sensation that she had clipped it.

Most helped Juts with the cake while Cora sat in her rocker and clapped in time to the music so Spotts would learn to dance.

She found a little piece of flat blue chalk Cora used for marking hemlines.

At three years of age she had sat in the middle of the living room and read the newspaper to Cora, Chessy and Juts.

The three months she visited California each year, Cora kept the house.

Once Cora finished her chores she joined Ramelle on the back veranda overlooking the beautiful formal garden.