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Cor \Cor\ (k[^o]r), n. [Heb. k[=o]r.] A Hebrew measure of capacity; a homer. [Written also core.] [1913 Webster] ||


Etymology 1 interj. (context British English) Expression of surprise. Etymology 2

n. A Hebrew measure of capacity; a core or homer.


Cor may refer to

  • Cor, County Fermanagh, a townland in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
  • Cor, Templeport, County Cavan, a townland in the parish of Templeport, County Cavan, Ireland
  • Either of St Paul's Letters to the Corinthians (disambiguation)
  • Cor, a unit of dry measure in the Bible and Talmud
  • Cor!!, a British comic book
  • Horn (instrument), which is cor in French
  • The heart
  • Welsh choirs
  • Shasta (Narnia), a character in The Horse and His Boy
  • The acronym COR (disambiguation)
  • Short form of the given names Cornelis and Cornelius, common in Dutch speaking countries

Usage examples of "cor".

She watched Cor win a martial arts competition once this way, which cost her a scolding from the matron for returning late.

Prince Pahndir was just as handsome, but Cor possessed a grace above the common run.

When Cor cracked out a sharp no, Xishi positively could not keep herself from looking up.

She could barely think as Cor and the proprietress moved away, could barely respond when Tea Rose wrapped her in a gentle hug.

Even if Cor was regretting his purchase of her contract, and even if she was restricted to certain areas, there would still be plenty of interesting things to explore.

Her heart thumped at the thought that the visitor might be Cor, but her first guess had been Correct.

She could not tell if Cor had instructed him to say this, or if the rohn had invented the excuse himself.

It was rare to see any yama openly fuming, and to see Cor this way stunned her.

Whatever hormone Cor had in his kith, it made Xishi as crazed for him as he was for her.

This mating business had been more enjoyable when her sole concern was how Cor would take her next.

She and Cor would hide under their covers and tell them all the stories her unsuspected human heritage had inspired.

As a result, her awareness that she and Cor could actually lose their lives was sinking in.

She kept her sanity by filling her mind with the pleasures she planned to share with Cor when they were free.

They were in the imperial gardens, where she and Cor had walked a lifetime ago.

Her mind was too full of fear for Cor to question why she thought this.