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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

n. A trimming of cock feathers on a woman's hat.


In computer science, Coq is an interactive theorem prover. It allows the expression of mathematical assertions, mechanically checks proofs of these assertions, helps to find formal proofs, and extracts a certified program from the constructive proof of its formal specification. Coq works within the theory of the calculus of inductive constructions, a derivative of the calculus of constructions. Coq is not an automated theorem prover but includes automatic theorem proving tactics and various decision procedures.

The Association for Computing Machinery presented Coquand, Huet, Paulin-Mohring, Barras, Filliâtre, Herbelin, Murthy, Bertot, Castéran with the 2013 ACM Software System Award for Coq.

Usage examples of "coq".

Twenty minutes followed, each of them as irritating as the other, and all of us nervous from lack of sleep as well as from wondering whether Henri de la Fontaine Coq would come.

The wine of excitement made her eyes so brilliant that it was noticeable even through the goggles that Coq lent her.

She appeared to me to acquire a new self-confidence during that swift journey, as if Henri de la Fontaine Coq were a magician who had conjured forth, by mere proximity, her hidden value.

Henri de la Fontaine Coq began to finger the controls and to watch the gauges so intently that there could be no doubt there was something not right with the engine.

Henri de la Fontaine Coq, picaresquely amused but looking pale as if he had been badly shaken by the crash, sat watching Dorje, leaning backward against a rough-hewn post that supported a roof beam.

Baltis stood in mid-room, facing Dorje, with her back to Henri Coq and me.

I shook Henri de la Fontaine Coq and he struck at me, as if he resented being dragged out of a dream.

He let go, but he crowded Coq into the corner, smiling at him--always genial when he is least gentle.

Henri de la Fontaine Coq curled himself up on a mattress on the floor, with three times his share of the blankets, and began to snore before we were in the ship ten minutes.

I may have offended her about the haggis, but I think our guests might be more comfortable with coq au vin.

Wenduyne, on the other hand, which lies between Le Coq and Blankenberghe, has been made by the State, while the management of Blankenberghe, Heyst, and Middelkerke, as bathing stations, is in the hands of their communal councils.

Le Coq, on the other hand, is in that part of the dune country which has least historical interest, and is chiefly known as the place where the Royal Golf Club de Belgique has its course.

King Leopold, who is said to contemplate using all the land between the outskirts of Ostend and Le Coq for sporting purposes, paid a large sum, very many thousands of francs, out of his own pocket, and the golf-links at Le Coq were laid out.