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n. (cx informal English) coprocessor

Usage examples of "copro".

Makri is showing little interest in the food in front of her, so I pile up a plate for a good second breakfast, meanwhile silently cursing Copro and his ilk.

Old Consul Juvenius would have thrown Copro off the walls, and a good thing too.

Finally Copro gives up on me and converses with Lisutaris's apprentice about new styles just in from Samsarina.

I tell Makri that no matter what Lisutaris thinks, Copro is up to something.

Possibly Copro doesn't feel threatened by any woman whose hair he's styled.

Quite probably Old Hasius and Lasat might find enough here to link Copro to the Avenging Axe and the death of Darius.

The snow is flying in my eyes, visibility is poor and I can't be certain, but I'd swear that the person I see is Copro, beautician to the aristocracy.

Strange that I first encountered Copro giving the wife beauty treatment when he called at her house.

He's been a frequent visitor to Rixad's wife, but as Copro is rumoured to have a close relationship with his young male assistant, he's not a man you have to worry about your wife misbehaving with.

The amusing thought strikes me that if Copro were not the useless specimen of humanity he is, his work would make him an excellent Assassin.