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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see cop out.


n. (alternative spelling of cop-out English)


n. a failure to face some difficulty squarely


Usage examples of "copout".

His response was a copout if ever there was one, which made Karen fear that his refusal to speculate had less to do with the dear departed Ben than with Russ's friendship with Graham and Lee.

Then a sixth man, Roznine, whose harsh urgent voice ordered them to find those effing copouts or they'd be subsistence livers for the rest of their breathing days.

Gary, I know you liked me fat but at least with the responsibilities of beauty I'll have a chance to learn exactly or pretty exactly what I can be, with no builtin excuses or copouts or anything.

The left-hand door flew open and Bentley, who held a lofty disdain for such copouts as seat belts, was thrown free.