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Copley may refer to:

Copley (MBTA station)

Copley is a light rail station on the MBTA Green Line subway, located in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts. Located in and named after Copley Square, the station has entrances and exits along Boylston Street and Dartmouth Street.

Copley is fully handicapped accessible, following extensive station renovation completed in 2011. The renovation project was subject to a significant court case regarding the project's effects on the Old South Church.

Copley (surname)

Copley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Al Copley, American jazz pianist
  • Amber Copley, American beauty queen
  • Dale Copley, Australian Rugby League player
  • David C. Copley, newspaper publisher, descendant of Ira Clifton Copley
  • Evan Copley, American academic and composer
  • Sir Godfrey Copley, 2nd Baronet, 17th-century British landowner, after whom the Copley Medal is named
  • Ira Clifton Copley, 19th-century American statesman who founded the Copley Press
  • James S. Copley, newspaper publisher, adopted son of Ira Clifton Copley
  • John Copley (producer), British theatre producer
  • John Copley (artist), British Olympic medal-winning artist
  • John Singleton Copley, 18th-century American portrait painter
  • John Copley, 1st Baron Lyndhurst, British lawyer and politician
  • Martin Copley (conservationist), Australian conservationist
  • Mary Sibbey Copley (1843–1929), American philanthropist married to William Thaw
  • Michael Copley, British musician
  • Paul Copley, British actor
  • Randy Copley, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Rebecca Copley, American soprano opera singer
  • Terence Copley, British author
  • Teri Copley, American actress
  • William Copley (politician), 19th-century Australian politician
  • William Copley (artist), 20th-century American artist
  • Sharlto Copley, South African actor
Copley (crater)

Copley is a crater on Mercury. It has a diameter of 30 kilometers. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1976. Copley is named for the American painter John Singleton Copley, who lived from 1738 to 1815.