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He used to say that every gentleman needed at least three copies of a book, one for his country house library, one for reading, and one to lend to friends.

These include early romances of chivalry, of which few copies are found today.

So it is hardly surprising that only six perfect copies of the first edition exist.

Beautiful copies were made, but production in quantity was simply not possible.

There may perhaps have been as many as three hundred copies printed of this masterpiece, esteemed by admirers of the printed word as the most beautiful book ever printed, a work in which printing seems to spring fully perfected from nothingness in one magnificent leap.

One of three known copies of the Missal is now owned by the Pierpont Morgan library of New York.

More than ten million copies of the Bible in whole or part are now annually printed here and sent worldwide.

The edition was 1,250 copies, but barely half sold at the price of four guineas per copy, about twenty dollars, a fairly high price almost two hundred years ago.

Aldus would not have minded so much the filching of the text, but when the unscrupulous printers ventured to copy his types and his original style of typography, and sold their counterfeit copies as the product of the Aldine Press, his indignation knew no bounds.

In his library of some eight thousand books Grolier had several copies of the same title, so that no one of his friends need be deprived of the pleasure which he himself secured.

If one hundred copies were printed and most of them landed in institutional collections, the chances are the price will be prohibitive.

I knew that it must be worth having, because it said in the front that the edition consisted of one hundred and seventy copies, of which mine was number thirty-nine.

Those copies in which the remarks did not turn out to be so humorous as I had planned had to be put aside.

I have eighteen or twenty of these discarded copies, each with an inscription which is either unfunny or misspelled.

We have only error-ridden copies, and the vast majority of these are centuries removed from the originals and different from them, evidently, in thousands of ways.