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Etymology 1 n. One who copes. Etymology 2

n. (context British English) A floating grog shop supplying the North Sea fishing industry.

Usage examples of "coper".

Now, coper skippers have the same hatred for mission ships that they have for revenue cutters, for the former, by selling tobacco at low prices, keep the North Sea fishermen away from the copers, and so have spoiled their traffic in intoxicant drinks.

Three days passed, and Charlie and Ping Wang were still on board the coper, no boat bound for Grimsby having been met.

Very bad news he considered it, for he knew that the North Sea fishermen never came aboard a coper if there was a mission ship with the fleet.

Tobacco is sold cheaper on a mission ship than on a coper, and naturally the fishermen, who have very little money to spend, buy in the cheapest market.

It was the only boat that the coper possessed, and when the skipper discovered what the two fishermen had done he hurried on deck and shouted abuse at them.

The skipper of the coper had, in the meanwhile, by tacking, made an effort to keep his stolen boat in sight, but the night was dark, and the fear of a collision with a trawler made his endeavour a fruitless one, and he was compelled to lay to until daybreak would give him an opportunity of renewing his search.

As soon as Charlie and Ping Wang saw the sailors, they guessed that the coper had been captured in British waters, and in their delight they jumped off the seat on which they had been sleeping and stood up on the cushions.

Leaving five men on the coper, to man it--three on deck and two in the saloon--he returned to his cutter, taking Charlie and Ping Wang with him.

As soon as they were aboard, the cutter started, escorting the coper into Grimsby.

All hands mustered on every ship to see the coper, and frequently, when the nature of the boat was known, loud cheers were given for the captor.

Fred declared, as he recognised the officer of the revenue cutter, who had captured the coper in which his brother and Ping Wang were unwilling passengers.

My capture of that coper on which I found you and Ping Wang won the approval of the authorities, and, fortunately for me, I was able to effect another capture, about three weeks later.

If nothing else, Kate was a coper, and the foreign customers seemed to like being entertained at home rather than in yet another restaurant.

Regent for the infant Queen Bobri, Erwin had guided Naetai safely through the Coper Rebellion.

The copers out there, just like many of the non-copers, either can't smell the stink or it doesn't bother them.