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n. 1 (context slang vulgar English) A vagina. 2 (context slang derogatory English) A woman (qualifier: viewed as an object of sexual desire).

Usage examples of "cooze".

He doesn’t really dig cooze, but he likes to be seen with beautiful women.

They say you never chase cooze and they say you think you can take me.

De Witt, a San Berdoo native with three pimping priors, kept yelping that the Siegel mob or the police had framed him: the mob because he sometimes ran cooze in Siegel territory, the cops because they needed a patsy for the Boulevard-Citizen job.

Daddy knew this morgue attendant who owed him, and he got this DOA cooze and talked Jewboy into this idea.

The deal was to goose his bun boy's career, with that blond cooze along for some cheesecake.

He was fuckin' a million different ladies, includin' this high-yellow cooze Tilly Hopewell that I was also climbin'.

I'm forty-nine years old, and I've had three heart attacks, but I think a young cooze like that could add another twenty years to my lifespan.

That slimy old cooze Squash Woman won't stand a half of a fucking chance against him.

But, you slimy, lying, greedy old douche-bag cooze, you refuse to let the Micco take over the council or go and pick a fight with the Creeks, then you're on your fucking own.

He can just come down here to see me, by the well-worn cooze of Mary Magdalene!

I knew who fucked and sucked and licked and dicked and boozed and coozed and injected and elected to genuflect to their basest desires.