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Coosa -- U.S. County in Alabama
Population (2000): 12202
Housing Units (2000): 6142
Land area (2000): 652.443408 sq. miles (1689.820597 sq. km)
Water area (2000): 13.914884 sq. miles (36.039382 sq. km)
Total area (2000): 666.358292 sq. miles (1725.859979 sq. km)
Located within: Alabama (AL), FIPS 01
Location: 32.955511 N, 86.236319 W
Coosa, AL
Coosa County
Coosa County, AL

Coosa may refer to:

  • Coosa River
  • Coosa County, Alabama
  • Coosa chiefdom, which was visited by Hernando de Soto.
  • Coosa High School, a secondary school in Floyd County, Ga.

Usage examples of "coosa".

Leaving my drink untouched on the railing, I wandered back inside as Joey was thanking Detective Coosa for his help.

He picked up his cell phone and dialed up Detective Coosa in Panama City.

An Indian runner soon made his appearance, with the tidings that more than a thousand Creek warriors had, that day, crossed the Coosa River, but a few leagues south of them, at what was called the Ten Islands, and were on the march to attack an American force, which, under General Jackson, was assembling on another portion of the Coosa River.

The troops crossed the Coosa River to the eastern shore, and as rapidly as possible pressed forward in a southerly direction toward Talladega, which was distant about thirty miles.

About fifty miles farther up the Coosa River there was another military station, in the lonely wilds, called Fort William.

The succeeding day, the weary troops, much refreshed, reached a point on the River Coosa opposite Fort Strother, and crossing the stream, found there shelter and plenty of provisions.

We’ll follow the Coosa down to here, at which point we’ll move eastward toward Emuckfaw.

We'll follow the Coosa down to here, at which point we'll move eastward toward Emuckfaw.