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The Collaborative International Dictionary

co-opt \co-opt"\, coopt \co*["o]pt"\, v. t. [See Co["o]ptate. Cf. F. coopter.] To choose or elect in concert with another. [R.]

Each of the hundred was to co["o]pt three others.
--Jowett (Thucyd.).

2. To choose or elect as a colleague or fellow member of a group; as, The church members co-opted individuals from similar backgrounds to replenish the congregation.

3. To assimilate (a smaller group) into a larger group.

4. To persuade an opponent to join one's own side.

5. To appoint summarily (with or without the appointee's consent).

6. To appropriate (something rightly belonging to another) as one's own; to preempt; as, to co-opt someone's name.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

see co-opt.


vb. (alternative spelling of co-opt English)

Usage examples of "coopt".

What was unusual was that he had been born on Burning Bright, one of the select few who had been coopted for adoption into the hsai kinship system.

Precursor site coopted by Hecate somehow attracted them until it rabbit-holed.

It was typical of Nau’s strategy, coopting innocent people into apparent treason.

He was pounding away with his computers, coopting everything he could.

The discovery of this would clearly obfuscate their more subtle plans of the gentle sorcerous coopting of Selfaril.

Spock concluded, "the Klingon vessels accompanying the admiral may have been obtained as a result of coopting the efforts of Starfleet Intelligence.

Given the proper occasion, that was one of Falconsbane's abilities that An'desha did not mind coopting, but he had not been able to insert so much as a single personal question of his own the entire time the two of them spoke.

If the creeps and the cowards that crucify the crelinion, crip after crip, and who furthermore-and we have proof of thishave crossbowed the cradalious ever since the first crackadoes crusaded in the cause of caliphony, if they think they can cajulate and castigate and get away with it, there will be such a cacophony of cabs, cassanings and crinoleum through the criss and cratch of this country, that the crypto-callistans and the quasi-clapperforms will quiver rather than coopt the crokes.

The orders as he had dictated them gave him the authority to coopt regimental groups or smaller, depending on need, but only if they were not currently deployed on some other duty.

A great tearing fills my head, raw data seething through the coopted wisdom channels on its way to the downlink into the berserker expansion space.