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Saki's hooves clattered across it, summoning the resident pets: Coonies, Darbuls and what Laria had termed Slithers, the Mrdini equivalent of a pet.

Heartened by the solicitous nature of the Coonies and by Rascal's steadfast loyalty, she took to exploring the nooks and crannies of Callisto Station escorted only by the felines.

As the Coonies all needed access to the park for their toilet, maintenance had equipped them with ultrasound collars.

The Coonies shrieked at the top of their lungs and Rascal, who'd been the last one in the pool, responded by throwing himself into the water, raising a wave that hit her right in the face, swamping mouth and nose.

The coonies took another sniff, decided to vote the straight ticket, and off they all went downstream, in full cry.