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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coom \Coom\, n. [Cf. G. kahm mold gathered on liquids, D. kam, Sw. kimr["o]k pine soot, smoke black, Icel. k[=a]m grime, film of dirt.] Soot; coal dust; refuse matter, as the dirty grease which comes from axle boxes, or the refuse at the mouth of an oven.
--Phillips. Bailey.


Etymology 1 n. 1 soot, smut 2 dust 3 grease Etymology 2

vb. (eye dialect of come English)

Usage examples of "coom".

Then coom wise men thro strange nations,-- Young men an men old an hoary,-- An they all knelt daan befoor Him, An araand Him shone a glory.

What fate is befoor thi noa mortal can see, But Christ coom to call just sich childer as thee.

Tonight, since it is the simplest and easiest of the three, you will learn from Coom the beginnings of how to survive a fight with human or Sidhe.

Michael regarded Coom warily, hands at his sides, head inclined slightly.

The methodic circling, shoving, went on for an hour until he kept his balance no matter what angle Coom attacked from.

He walked over to pick it up and turned to see Coom standing where he had been.

Nare, Spart and Coom were on their feet and out of the circle before Michael could blink twice.

Then Coom took a small wood wand from her pouch and drew a circle in the dirt around the clearing.

As he twisted his head, he saw Nare on one side of him, Coom on the other.

He tried to make out what Coom was holding but was too nervous to approach close enough.

Spart and Coom walked onto the mound from the opposite direction, skirting the piles of rock and bone and staring at Michael in the doorway of their hut.

He had thrown a shadow for Coom, skillfully enough to delay her catching him by a few seconds.

What care they tho' he smothered a sigh, Or wiped off a tear as they coom?

I wont to do this neighbourly loike, and let them think thee's gotten awa' o' theeself, but if he cooms oot o' thot parlour awhiles theer't clearing off, he mun' have mercy on his oun boans, for I wean't.

Aye, I knowed they’d be cooming along any day, the childern as wuddn’t know Lady of the Elder Tree.