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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Cooly \Coo"ly\, Coolie \Coo"lie\, n.; pl. Coolies. [Hind. k?l[=i] a laborer, porter: cf. Turk. k?l, ky?leh, slave.] An East Indian porter or carrier; a laborer transported from the East Indies, China, or Japan, for service in some other country.


n. (alternative spelling of coolie English)


n. an offensive name for an unskilled Asian laborer [syn: coolie]

Usage examples of "cooly".

Loiterers assembled, but no one came to draw the vehicle, and by degrees the dismal truth leaked out that the three coolies who had been impressed for the occasion had all absconded, and that four policemen were in search of them.

Mahoney, who had seated himself on a chock close by, as a large party of Oriental coolies arrived and began unloading and spreading what appeared to be the brickwork of a house that had got in the way of a big shell.

Tea-houses are of all grades, from the three-storied erections, gay with flags and lanterns, in the great cities and at places of popular resort, down to the road-side tea-house, as represented in the engraving, with three or four lounges of dark-coloured wood under its eaves, usually occupied by naked coolies in all attitudes of easiness and repose.

Miss Bird, several prom chaperones, glamorous in shimmering green taffeta to her hipless body, has cooly declined Mr.

On the descent, when things began to look very bad, and the mountain-sides had become cascades bringing trees, logs, and rocks down with them, we were fortunate enough to meet with two packhorses whose leaders were ignorant of the impassability of the road to Odate, and they and my coolies exchanged loads.

He showed him pictures of houses, streets, villages, and temples, of fantastic Batu caves near Kuala Lumpur, and of the jagged, wildly beautiful limestone and marble mountains near Ipoh, and when Veraguth asked if there were no pictures of natives, he dug out photographs of Malays, Chinese, Tamils, Arabs, and Javanese, naked athletic harbor coolies, wizened old fishermen, hunters, peasants, weavers, merchants, beautiful women with gold ornaments, dark naked groups of children, fishermen with nets, earringed Sakai playing the nose flute, and Javanese dancing girls bristling with silver baubles.

Chamberlain and I went in a kuruma hurried along by three liveried coolies, through the three miles of crowded streets which lie between the Legation and Asakusa, once a village, but now incorporated with this monster city, to the broad street leading to the Adzuma Bridge over the Sumida river, one of the few stone bridges in Tokiyo, which connects east Tokiyo, an uninteresting region, containing many canals, storehouses, timber-yards, and inferior yashikis, with the rest of the city.

Jiro and Shoji watched from the deck as groups of Chinese coolies, along with other groups of American laborers, unloaded the ship.

But the mafu and the coolies were too frightened to continue the journey, so they were left behind, and Withers and the shroff went off by themselves.

He cooly leveled the Bullpup, aimed at the creature in the lead, and fired.

A contingent of coolies kowtowed along the path to the waiting sedan chair, then scrambled to lead the way across the square as his escort of lictors formed a procession around him.

But the mafu and the coolies were too frightened to continue the journey, so they were left behind, and Withers and the shroff went off by themselves.

Snapper handed Grace over to Dan, who introduced her to the executive assistants, Captains Manning and Randall, who greeted her cooly.

You have missionaries, native schoolmasters, employers of coolies, traders, simple downright men, who scarcely suspect the existence of any sources of error in their verdicts, who are incapable of understanding the difference between what is innate and what is acquired, much less of distinguishing them in their interplay.