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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Coolish \Cool"ish\, a. Somewhat cool.

The nights began to grow a little coolish.


a. (context colloquial English) Quite cool

Usage examples of "coolish".

It meant that all doors and obs were left open, so that a current of fresh, coolish air came filtering through.

It was dark out, coolish, but the Object was still in her swimsuit, a shamrock bikini.

It was a coolish morning, but we preferred to breakfast in the south verandah.

Pacific, somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii, the sea was a weird goulash of currents, streams of cold stuff coming up from the Antarctic and coolish upwelling spirals out of the ocean floor and little hot rivers rolling off the sun-blasted continental shelf far to the east.

We were a hundred and forty feet above the water here and a coolish breeze drifted through the open iron latticework of its side walls, ruffling our hair, brushing our skin, helping to revive us.

The weather was starting to change, he saw, as he headed back to the village: a coolish wind was blowing out of the south, a sign that the rainy season was on its way.

Outside, trembling in the coolish winter wind, flowering vines splashed scarlet over the garden wall.