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n. (alternative spelling of coulee English)


Cooley may refer to:

  • Cooley (surname), a surname (and a list of people with the surname)
  • Cooley Distillery, an Irish whiskey distillery
  • Cooley LLP, a Silicon Valley-based law firm
  • Cooley Peninsula, Ireland
  • Cooley High School, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Thomas M. Cooley Law School, Lansing, Michigan, USA
  • McNary, Arizona, formerly known as Cooley
  • Cooley, County Tyrone, a townland in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Cooley (surname)

Cooley is a surname of Anglo-Saxon and Irish origin.

  • Charles Cooley (1864–1929), American sociologist
  • Chelsea Cooley (born 1983), Miss USA 2005
  • Chris Cooley (American football) (born 1982), American professional football player
  • David P. Cooley (1960–2009), American test pilot
  • Dennis Cooley (born 1944), Canadian poet, professor at the University of Manitoba
  • Denton Cooley (born 1920), American physician and heart surgeon
  • Ed Cooley (born 1969), basketball coach
  • Haskell Cooley, member of American southern gospel quartet The Cathedrals
  • Horace S. Cooley (1806-1850), American politician
  • James Cooley (born 1926), American mathematician, developer of the Cooley–Tukey fast Fourier transform
  • Joe Cooley (1924–1973), Irish accordionist
  • John K. Cooley (1927–2008), American journalist and author, specializing in terrorism and the Middle East
  • Lou Cooley (dates unknown), American 19th-century gunfighter, friend of Wyatt Earp at the time of the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1881)
  • Mason Cooley (1927–2002), American aphorist
  • Mike Cooley (engineer) (born 1934), Irish-born engineer and workplace activist
  • Mike Cooley (football coach) (c. 1920–1988), US football coach
  • Mike Cooley (born 1966), American guitarist/singer/lyricist, and co-founder of the rock/alt country band, Drive-By Truckers
  • Rusty Cooley, American guitarist
  • Ryan Cooley (born 1988), Canadian television actor
  • Spade Cooley (1910–1969), American western swing musician, murdered his wife
  • Stephen Cooley (born 1947), American prosecutor for Los Angeles County
  • Thomas B. Cooley (1871–1945), American Pediatrician, first described ß-Thalassemia
  • Thomas F. Cooley, American professor of economics at the New York University Stern School of Business
  • Thomas M. Cooley (1824–1898), American jurist, Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court
  • Tonya Cooley (born 1980), reality television personality
  • Troy Cooley (born 1965), cricketer for the Tasmanian Tigers
  • Wes Cooley (born 1932), American politician, congressman from Oregon
  • Wes Cooley (motorcyclist) (born 1956), American motorcycle racer
  • William Cooley (1783–1863), Florida Pioneer
  • William Desborough Cooley (1795?–1883), Irish geographer
  • Winnifred Harper Cooley (1874—1967), American feminist author

Usage examples of "cooley".

Rose had heard of Missouri one Sunday, when she played with Paul Cooley and his brother George.

Now it was mostly Arapaho land as far as Father John could see, across the plains and into the foothills, except for the 100,000-acre Cooley ranch that butted against the southwestern edge of the reservation.

Mathias Cooley, the first government agent, had bought it from Chief Black Night more than a hundred years ago.

Anyway, if Harvey had changed his mind about the Cooley ranch, it probably had more to do with finances than with anything the elders had said.

But as soon as Chief Black Night had died, Mathias Cooley set about bestowing proper English family names on Arapahos.

The sounds of country music and laughter drifted from the Cooley ranch house where a large crowd had already gathered on the front lawn.

And the party would be a chance to talk to Ned Cooley, maybe find out why Harvey had changed his mind about buying the ranch.

The Cooley ranch dated from 1879, five years before the Jesuits had come to St.

He was not someone Father John would have picked for a dinner companion, but neither was Ned Cooley, and here he was stuck between them.

This was still an opportunity to get some insight into why Harvey had decided against buying the Cooley ranch and why, all of a sudden, some oil wells on the reservation had gone dry.

The governor gave a short speech about how happy he was to be at the annual Cooley pig roast.

That was about the only good thing he could think about the Cooley collection.

There was no way his nephew was going to marry into the Cooley family.

Father John blew into his fist again, calculating in his head the distance between the Cooley ranch and the Ethete powwow grounds.

Father John was tempted to ask him about the Cooley ranch deal, but decided against it.