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Coode is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Ed Coode (born 1975), British rower
  • Jim Coode, Canadian football player
  • John Coode (Governor of Maryland)
  • John Coode (engineer) (1816–1892), English civil engineer

Usage examples of "coode".

That was the sort of man Coode was, eager and bright and thin, a noble fellow, but not quite a man, and he was a trouble to Mary.

He tended towards worship over the four-foot fence, and she was sorry for him, an uncomfortable emotion, for Coode, like many noble fellows, had no tact.

Stephen Perrivale, and Phyllis his red-headed daughter, and Commander Troton booming cheerfully, and the Brownlows, and poor Coode, who fixed his one pathetic eye on Mary and watched her as she stood between the Twist father and the Twist daughter.

And Coode was the sort of fellow who took off his hat when he met a funeral.

Quite right--of course--and proper, but Coode would do it with too much nobility, or as though it was the one and only funeral he had ever met.

For she knew that Harold Coode was sticking a row of peas on the other side of the fence, and that Mr.

She sidled along the Cinder Town fences like any little wench returning after a breathless adventure, and nearly collided with poor Coode who was leaning over his front gate and hanging his melancholy on the pegs of the stars.

Poor Coode, with a curly and melancholy pipe pendant from his mouth, was hanging over the fence.

The horrible Jamiesons had left, but poor Coode still starved among his hens.

Poor Coode, that leaner upon fences, had come in with a handful of bass and a bundle of bean rods, and had set to work upon the flowers.

She looked around her at the garden, while Coode fingered a piece of bass, and did nothing with it, and devotedly gazed at her.

Poverty set a halo about her, though no one knew better than poor Coode that it is shameful to be poor, for the creed of St.

Her baggage arrived by the carrier, and Coode came in and helped with it and effaced himself when he had done all that she had asked him to do.

She took what she needed with her, passing on the cinder road poor Coode trundling two chicken coops on a barrow.

Poor Coode stood nobly off the path for her as though he were letting a funeral pass.